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What is Sam & Friends all about?

Sam (aka James Bond, Rockstar Sammy, Coolest kid ever) is a Junior at Waconia High School.  Sam loves Cheerios, BluRay DVDs and fast rollercoasters.  Sam has been blessed with perfect pitch, an amazing memory, a huge heart and Autism.

As Sam grew older, his Mom struggled with what the future held for Sam and his peers.  Did you know that nearly half of all 25-year-olds with Autism have never held a paying job?  Did you know that 1 in 37 boys is now diagnosed with Autism?  These are staggering numbers.  

Sam & Friends was born out of a dream of one Mom that knew her child was destined for more than wiping tables.  These kids are all awesome individuals in their own special way and Sam & Friends was created to help bring these individuals into the community - giving them the chance to learn a job, be social, make money and feel proud doing it.  

At Sam & Friends we also hope to give some of our proceeds back to the Unified program at school that lives to created unity and inclusion of all of our students.  Fostering kindness, fun and friendship.