• Jennifer Carlson

18 Days left of Summer

At least that's what Sam told me last night. How can that possibly be?

Welcome to our Sam & Friends blog. We will try to keep this current with blurbs about new vendors and fun items found in the shop, cool stories about our employees and what makes them total Rockstars and keep you in the loop on upcoming crafting classes!

Since opening our little shop in June, it definitely has been an adventure! Thank you to all who have stopped in to chat and shop. We are thrilled with the response we have received!

We will most likely keep our Thursday through Saturday schedule but will be re-vamping our hours to allow for our employees to work after school. Stay tuned for our new shop hours coming soon!


With only a handful of days left of Summer - the blink-of-an-eye 2 months we hold so dear here in Minnesota, we are attempting to squeeze in a few more boat rides on the lake, some school shopping, ample time at the Carver County Fair and lazy days playing outside with our new puppy, Daisy. Enjoy your last 18 days …

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