• Jennifer Carlson

We're excited to announce a new Product (Coming Soon!)

Before the 'End of the World' came, our family was lucky enough to meet another great family blessed with Autism. Chris & Sandra of Minnetonka, both teachers, were looking to create a job opportunity for their 17 year old son, Austin. (Sound familiar?!)

The family took their love of outdoor cooking to create unique smoked salt products the old fashioned way and using three primary ingredients...quality sea salt, smoke generated from seasoned hickory, and lots of time. Each individual batch of salt is smoked for a minimum of 12 hours in our own wooden smokehouse and bottled on site. Like our family, it’s been a dream of theirs to come up with a business where Austin can use his skills to support it as he moves into being a special needs young man into a special needs adult. They also hope to eventually include others with similar skill sets. We look forward to carrying their products at Sam & Friends (online and eventually in the Shop). Thrilled to partner with another family with similar goals.

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