Cotton Candy is such a distinct flavor. There's nothing better than biting into a a big ol' bouquet of the fluffy, sweet stuff. Just the smell of it can conjure up memories of state fairs gone by, and childhood summers. It is just one of those really nostalgic food experiences that so many people know and love. So what could be better than cotton candy in Pop Rocks form? After you've tasted Cotton Candy Pop Rocks, your answer will be "nothing!" A great way to enjoy everyone's favorite sugary fair food in candy form, Cotton Candy Pop Rocks are here for you and your sweet tooth. These are the perfect combination of fun and deliciousness. Once the rocks start popping in your mouth, you'll understand why! And honestly, they may be just a little bit more fun than the real thing! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

A perfect combination of tradition and innovation, Grape Pop Rocks are one awesome candy. Grape was one of the three original Pop Rocks flavors all the way back in 1976, so they're heavy on tradition. But, the sizzling, exploding aspect of the candy? Now that's some great innovation if we've ever seen it! Basically, this is an all around awesome treat that you're sure to love. 

Pop Rocks

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