Hey Friends, Sam here. Taking a hot second away from my Big Bang Theory, Season 1 that I inadvertently lifted off a teacher yesterday, to give you the 411 on Mom's latest crazy idea. You've probably seen my kick-ass Signs up in downtown Waconia ...I mean how could you miss my signature screaming-yellow logo? In a nutshell, my friends and I are going to run a Waconia-themed gift shop with all-things HAPPY. Now, I suggested a large Cheerios section with a side of James Bond DVDs but Mom put the kabosh on that real quick ... regardless, we hope you'll all come and visit us and stop by often!  You may need to sing the Empire Today ad with me or whatever is stuck on replay on my Chromebook that day but I promise you, chances are you'll leave with some great stuff and a smile.

Tell your friends. 
It's gonna be cool. 

Oh, and hey, for you folks who aint Waconia-ites, you now can shop online!  WoooHooooo!

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